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The American Fastener Journal is a respected and recognized provider of fastener and business information. Advertising in the AFJ will increase awareness of your company within the fastener industry. For more than 30 years, the American Fastener Journal has provided the reach, frequency and depth of readership that is vitally important to companies as they decide how to invest their advertising dollars.

Advertising in the American Fastener Journal has many benefits because the AFJ has many distinctive features, including:
    American Fastener Journal
  • availability of PRINT and DIGITAL versions of the American Fastener Journal and the American Fastener Source Guide;
  • two electronic digital fastener magazines (eZines): the Aerospace Fasteners eZine and the U.S. Fastener Report;
  • bimonthly publications reaching the most diverse audience in the fastener industry;
  • choices of 11 ad sizes, inserts, tip-ons affixed to ads and other custom-designed advertising programs;
  • technical articles, targeted editorial content and advertising opportunities directed to key fastener markets;
  • "product focus" features in every issue;
  • archived digital issues that include hotlinks to advertisers' websites and contacts' email addresses;
  • immediate posting of an advertiser's news on FASTENER NEWS NOW, with a free hotlink to the company's website;
  • special rates for advertisers who invest in banner ads on the American Fastener Journal website;
  • writers who are internationally recognized fastener consultants and engineers with hundreds of years of collective expertise in fastener design and fastening applications;
  • Fastener Literature Profiles (FLPs) featured advertising offered in the summer issue, the annual fastener buyer's guide and the American Fastener Source Guide;
  • listings in the American Fastener Source Guide include companies' QR Codes and logos;
  • free fastener library, comprising more than 700 technical articles, available for free to the international AFJ readership;
  • bonus distribution at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas, several distributor and association trade and/or tabletop shows, and other fastener industry conventions and association meetings;
  • www.usfastenersources.com is a unique fastener sourcing website with listings available for FREE to qualified suppliers; and
  • the online Fastener Trade Name Directory lists more than 2,000 trade names with a brief product description, company name and website hotlink. Listing trade names is FREE!
We look forward to working with you to design a program that maximizes your promotional and advertising dollars. Together, we can optimize your marketing and public relations efforts.
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