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Brighton-Best International Buys EZ Sockets Inc.

03-04-2015 at 09:15 PM

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After several weeks of speculation, Brighton-Best International officially announced the acquisition of EZ Sockets

Incorporated today to their customers. EZ Sockets Incorporated’s unparalleled line of standard and semi-standard

alloy, stainless and metric socket products with standard and full thread options enriches Brighton-Best

International’s existing range of inventory. The acquisition of EZ Sockets Incorporated assets helps Brighton-Best

International to become one of the leading national purveyors of socket products. About EZ Sockets Incorporated

EZ Sockets Incorporated (EZ Sockets) was started by Ed and Mildred Werner and Izzy Mintz, Mildred’s father, in

Springfield New Jersey around April of 1978. They have five distribution centers across the continental United

States, which distribute EZ’s products to independent distributors. EZ Sockets’s chief strength was their focus on

customer service, deep inventory, quality and competitive pricing. EZ Sockets’s distributors had a cost-effective

option when they bought standard and semi-standard alloy, stainless, inch and metric socket products with

standard and full thread options. Throughout their thirty-seven year career, EZ Sockets has lead through

innovation. They were an early adopter of bar code labeling and offered lot traceability with full physical and

chemical certifications as early as 1991. Additionally, they created their green, metal-edged boxes with radial ply oil

barrier coating, which became a recognized trademark in our industry. Not only did they pioneer in the physical

realm, they were also pioneers in the digital landscape, creating a fully functional e-commerce websites for sales to

fastener distributors. About Brighton Best International Brighton Best International began as Brighton-Best Socket

Screw Manufacturing In New York, New York in 1965. On January 2, 2008, Brighton-Best Socket Screw

Manufacturing was bought by a consortium of investors from Taiwan headed by Mr. Robert Shieh, President of Ta

Chen International, Inc. The newly created company was named Brighton-Best International, Inc. (BBI). In 2013, BBI

acquired the Porteous Fastener Company (PFC), BBI’s competitor. In 2014 the TCI investment Group purchased

Grattan Fastening Systems, a master fastener distributor that sold and serviced hardware, lumber dealers and

industrial supply houses. An interview with Ed Werner When I heard the official news of the acquisition, I contacted

EZ Sockets’s Ed Werner and asked him if he was willing to answer a few questions. He immediately agreed to give

me the inside scoop. The first things I asked were, “Why, and why now?” Ed’s response was simple. “It was time,” he

said. He went on to say that he and Mildred had accomplished what they set out to do: Build and grow a successful

business and then retire comfortably and in good health at a reasonable age (Ed is 67 years young, and exercises

five days a week). I asked, “Why Brighton Best?” He replied, “Well, our son was not interested in carrying on the

family business. He has his own career as an architect. Brighton made a sensible offer, it was a good fit and it was

time.” So, what does the future hold for Ed and Mildred? “We have a whole lot of traveling to catch up on. After

that, we may pursue volunteer work or anything else we want to do.” After speaking with Mr. Werner, I called one

of their warehouses to find out how this sale would affect them. I spoke with Eric Waltzer at Ideal Industrial, EZ

Sockets’s California distribution center. Eric explained that Ideal had been the California distribution warehouse for

EZ Sockets for about five years. He told me that he had heard the speculative rumors of the acquisition but that he

didn’t believe them until this morning when he received the press release. “I will truly miss dealing with Ed and

Mildred. They are a very professional team with a dedication to detail.” I asked Eric if he had any plans on replacing

them. Although he couldn’t name a socket company that could replace EZ Sockets, he mentioned that if any

fastener company, socket or otherwise, was looking for a warehouse in a prime location to service the west coast,

he would be interested in discussing a potential business relationship with them. The company I work for,

Specialty Sales, had represented EZ Sockets for several years. I therefore had the personal and professional

pleasure of dealing with both Ed and Mildred Werner. EZ Sockets was one of the most organized, detail-oriented

companies with which we have had the pleasure of working with. Ed Werner is passionate about every aspect of

his products and service. From the sales clerks who helped distributors place orders, to the quality of the boxes in

which the products were placed, every facet of EZ Sockets’s process was infused with quality. Their system for

warehouse distribution, similar to Kanebridge’s system, was ahead of its time. However, what distinguished Ed and

Mildred Werner from their peers was the passion they had for their business and our industry. It wasn’t just a

business for them: running EZ Sockets was a source of personal pride. The Werners not only epitomized the

successful, small family-owned and operated fastener company, but also the American dream.