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Fastener Audio Minute Messages
Let the AFJ help your advertising message with a Fastener Audio Minute Message; be it an announcement for expanded new product lines, increased capacity and capability, trade show "specials", company & personal news…you decide. Research shows a one minute story is 22 times more memorable than just plain facts in an advertisement; a 60 second message scores higher than a 30 second ad are only two of the advantages to this NEW feature presented by the “Leading source of information for fastener professionals” the American Fastener Journal. Fastener Audio is in an MP3 format which will be posted below. You will receive a copy to use on your website and we suggest you forward it to your clients. For more details on this dramatic spoken-word form of advertising, just contact the AFJ at 480-488-3500 or email Mike McGuire at mmcguire@fastenerjournal.com.

Current Minute Messages:

AFJ Minute Message 2014 Fastener Show Fastener People - Joe Greenslade Fastener People - Parker